Paul Butler's Exhibition In Print

November 2009 /
My work was selected to be a part of Lateral Learning, Paul Butler’s Exhibition-in-Print through Vantage Art Projects.

From the call:
40+ selected artists will be published along with a selection of Paul's work and collaborations with other artists. This project is unique in the scope of it's inclusiveness, and in the overall aim to create open dialogue in the visual arts through art publications. The curatorial theme developed by Paul is in keeping with his own collaborative multi-disciplinary and social intervention-based art practice. The artwork was chosen through a blind jury process and the work responded to the concept: "Community and Collaboration as a Form of Pedagogy."

The artists to be included are:
Amarie Bergman, Lisa Birke, Melissa Brown, Lydia Burggraaf, John Campbell, Robert Caspary, Lucia Cipriano, Jennifer Delos Reyes, Rebecca Donald, Christopher Donnelly, Aganetha Dyck, Julie Gendron, Sheila Heti, Robin Lambert, Marissa Largo, Henry Mah, J Mawby, Christian Nicolai, Jennifer O'Leary, Richard Palanuk, Mitzi Pederson, Perry Rath, Scott Rogers, Jesse Sherburne, Julia Sherman, Jony Silver, Eric Steen, Derek Sullivan, Aislinn Thomas, Julie Thomson, Margaux Williamson, Sascha Yamashita, Weakhand, The Make It Collective (Gabe Baribeau + other members), 26 Collective (Melanie Rocan, David Wityk, Fred Thomas, Shaun Morin, Ian Augus,
Michael Topf), The Reverse Pedagogy Team (Venice 2009)