It’s All Yours at La Esquina, Urban Culture Project, in Kansas City, MO

May 2011 / This month I am participating in collaborative exhibition at La Esquina, part of Urban Culture Project, in Kansas City MO with Elysia Contreras and Zach Springer.

It's All Yours is a collaborative, curatorial, and event-based exhibition that will utilize the community and resources within and around la Esquina to explore and celebrate the spectrum of creative interests among neighbors, business owners, and artists alike. It's All Yours will stretch beyond the walls of la Esquina by  including both artists and neighbors into the programming of the event-series exhibition, solidifying the contributors and their endeavors as the integral fabric of the neighborhood.

My contribution is titled ‘Beer Portraits.’ I have asked Boulevard Brewing Company, which is located just 1.5 blocks away from the gallery, to produce beer that will serve as a portrait to the neighborhood. Matt Ruzich, one of the brewers, will create one overall beer portrait of the neighborhood based on his experiences living there. Pancho Luna, a volunteer at the brewery and an avid homebrewer will create two beer-portraits of two specific individuals that live and serve in the neighborhood.