Beers Made By Walking through the Galleries of Contemporary Art

Summer 2011 /
Beers Made By Walking is a summer-long event series and beer program where, throughout the summer, there will be seven public hikes led by local homebrewers and a naturalist. On the hike we will identify edible and medicinal plants and those ingredients will be used to make new beers. The first half of beers will be made at Rocky Mountain Brewery, ingredients donated by Winecrafters, the homebrew shop connected to the brewery. The second half will be produced through Pikes Peak Brewing, a new brewery in the area. There are two tasting events throughout the summer - August 27th and Oct 29th. You'll be able to try these beers in sample trays that I've made by hand. My hope is that various people groups will come together, finding commonalities in topics as seemingly diverse as botany, environmentalism, art, and beer making. The beers created will celebrate the changing seasonal Colorado Springs landscape.

The hikes are open to the public. Go to the gallery webpage for more details.

To see documentation of all the hikes and the tasting events, please click here. This project was sponsored by the Galleries of Contemporary Art in Colorado Springs. Here is further details:

Tasting Dates

August 27th / 4-8pm
$5 Entry / Brewer's Republic (112 N. Nevada, Colorado Springs)
- Opuntiae Deorium Wheat Ale (w/ Prickly Pear Cactus) by Justin Carpenter
- Monk Choker (Belgian IPA with Chokecherry) by Isaac Grindeland
- Smoked Piñon Brown (w/ Piñon Pine nuts) by Grant Grindeland
- Lightning Strike (w/ Juniper, Ponderosa Pine, 3 Leaf Sumac Berries) by Jason Miller

October 29 - 4-8pm
$5 Entry / Brewer's Republic (112 N. Nevada, Colorado Springs)
- Scott Buchholz - with Strawberry and Limber Pine
- Rich Mock - with Wild Hops, Wild Sage, and Yarrow
- Tom Brown - with Bee Plant, Evening Primrose, Tansy Mustard, Amaranth, and Rose Hips
- Matt Kupferer - Old Man of the Woods Stout - with Hazlenuts, Sasparilla, and Spruce

See our image recaps of hikes and tasting events:
Hike #1
Hike #2
Hike #3 - cancelled due to a lightning storm
Tasting #1
Hike #4
Hike #5
Hike #6
Hike #7
Tasting #2 - On Oct. 29th

Hike and Tasting Dates
June 30 - with Justin Carpenter - Garden of the Gods - 6:00pm
July 16 - with Isaac Grindeland and Grant Goodwiler - Red Rock - 9:00am
July 28 - with Jason Miller - Rock Island Trail - 6:00pm
Aug. 13 with Scott Buccholz - Mueller State Park - 9:30am
Sept. 18 with Rich Mock - Old Midland Railroad Grade - 9:30am
Sept. 24 with Tom Brown - Catamount Trail - 9am
Oct. 7 with Matt Kupferer - N. Cheyenne Canyon - 4pm