Signal Fire Residency and Exhibition

October 2009 /
Katy Asher invited me to be a part of her project through the Signal Fire Residency along with Michael Reinsch and Ariana Jacob. We will drive up to Mt. Hood in a trailer where we will be left alone for a week. The four of us will engage in a five day discussion and research project focused around the tensions associated with choosing vs. making peace with the communities we are a part of in contemporary culture. We have been invited to co-develop and influence the sequencing of our daily activities and have agreed to structure our residency like an adult summer camp with daily reading assignments, unstructured leisure time and campfire discussions in the evenings.

Here is a blurb about the residency off their website: In response to the urban demand on working artists, Signal Fire brings artists to the farthest stretches of our remaining wild and open places. Utilizing Oregon's vast area of public lands, we advocate for the importance of access to and protection of these places in order to enrich and sustain society. We provide opportunities for artists to engage in the natural world in a way that will inspire and inform their practice.

An exhibition, titled The Soft Shovel, will follow showcasing work from all the artists who have participated in the Signal Fire Residency Program this summer. Participating artists include: Katy Asher, Tom Colligan, Bruce Conkle, Ariana Jacob, Ryan Jeffery, Marne Lucas, Jenn Rawling, Vanessa Renwick, Michael Reinsch, Ethan Rose, and Eric Steen and will be accompanied by a self-published essay by husband/wife team Ryan Pierce and Amy Harwood about establishing Mt. Hood's first artist residency.

The Soft Shovel
Igloo Gallery, Portland, OR
Opening Oct. 1
exhibition dates Oct. 1-24