Michelle Illuminato's Book Reports Exhibition

September 2011 / I am participating in Michelle Illuminato's Book Reports exhibition from September 6 -25 as part of the 8 Hour Projects Sustaining Practice, Community and Self at the Bowman, Penelec, and Megahan Galleries at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. Curated by Colleen Toledano and Darren Lee Miller. 

Here is more about the project:
Book Report will consist of two parts, a body (the performed readings) and an appendix (the collected texts). The readings will be performed at a central podium, and the texts will be located on the wall and floor around the podium. The public will act as the readers, either reading their own texts or selecting one from the contributed texts and books in the gallery. During the 8-hour workday, on the hour, invited ‘special readers’ will read a selection from something they consider ‘very special’. 

I am contributing the book How to Survive in Your Native Land by James Herndon, a book that I read to my students every semester. The non-fiction book is about one middle-school teacher's journey to understand how schooling stifles the creativity and abilities of the youth he is meant to teach.