Interview with Christian Ettinger of Hopworks Published in Mobile Phenomena

October 2012 /
An interview I conducted with Christian Ettinger, owner of Hopworks Urban Brewery, was published in the book Mobile Phenomena, published by Temporary Services through Half Letter Press. The interview is about the sustainability initiatives behind the Hopworks business and their dedication to bike culture, specifically the bar-bike they built for the brewery.

More information about the book:
Mobile Phenomena is a new collection of over eighty-five photographs and two interviews. It is the result of years of research on common instances of mobile phenomena that impact people and their uses of shared city and rural spaces. In this book you will find bookmobiles, mobile forms of commerce, inventive mobile art projects, mobile structures created for use during protest, and some strange applications of mobility that defy easy description,categorization, or whose function could not be readily discerned. Mobile Phenomena can unhinge the expected roles we take in shared city spaces. Mobile structures can become a new norm when they work. It is our hope that this book can be an inspiration to other citizens, artists, activists, nomads, and anyone who is interested in escaping the constraints of their location, culture, or other factors that make realizing one╩╝s desires difficult.

The books is available for purchase at Half Letter Press.