Apexart - The Incidental Person in January

January 2010 /
I will have work on display at Apexart as part of the The Incidental Person exhibition. Curated by Anthony Hudek, the exhibition will run from Jan. 6 - Feb. 20, 2010.

Below is a section from Anthony’s curatorial statement. To see the whole statement click here:
“It is high time to pay renewed attention to incidentality as an effective approach to pressing societal issues. Away from the rudimentary right/left or liberal/conservative labels that paralyze governments and polarize communities, the incidental attitude is one of self-reflexiveness and acute, humble awareness of the complex networks of local pressures that inform a specific time and place. We like to assign tags to artists who engage with problematics that exceed the confines of the so-called “art world”, such as socially- or politically-engaged, relational, performative, etc. But these qualifiers only serve to quarantine the curious thinker-doer further from society at large, reinforcing the myth of the artist as exempt from participating in the “real world.” The incidental person, by contrast, sees no alternative between “art” and the activities that regulate social coexistence, such as talking, playing, eating, reading, teaching and listening.”